Why A First look?

If I could only root for one thing wholeheartedly as we plan your wedding, it would be having a first look and here’s why…holeheartedly as we plan your wedding, it would be having a first look and here’s why…

There were some real ugly tears falling from my face as I walked down the aisle towards my husband, seeing him for the first time. As I planned out my dream day, I loved the tradition of not seeing each other until this moment. But now, looking back on those photos, I wish those ugly tears had happened in private. (I’m also pretty sure I would have still cried during that walk. I cried a lot of my wedding day- in a GOOD way.)

A first look is such a pure moment, and the privacy of having that without your guests looking on is unexplainable. The joy, excitement, and thrill leading up to this moment, the opportunity to take each other’s breath away, the freshness of the hours of prep that went into your wedding day are all here in a beautiful location.

A first look also allows you to take care of a lot before your ceremony and reception. With a first look, we can capture your couple portraits, all wedding party portraits, and even some family portraits before your ceremony allowing you to have more time to either travel to a secondary location for more photos or take part in more of your cocktail hour. Your hair, makeup, and clothes will be the freshest (and cleanest) at this time, and you’ll feel so so good going into your ceremony knowing a large chunk of your timeline is finished.

Not sure about the first look? We can still accomplish many of the things above before your ceremony and can even work in a first touch or letter reading if you still want to capture an intimate moment.

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