Letchworth State Park Frozen Over

This winter has been a brutal one…or so I’ve heard. You see I think the trick to winter is  finding ways to enjoy it. Living in the North east means I, along with millions of others, have been facing windchills taking us below zero and while our noses and toes-es haven’t benefitted much, much of nature has and we have opportunities to see amazing sights many may never glance at.

Lecthworth State Park, about 45 minutes away from Rochester, NY, has become one of these scenes. Known as the Grand Canyon of the east, Letchworth draws thousands of visitors during the summer months, but a turn of events has caused these numbers to return in the bitter winds.

Natural ice castles.or something like that.

The upper and middle falls have frozen over as well as the geyser outside of the Glen Iris Inn and in return we are graced with incredible sights to be seen.

I was so happy to trek over to the park on my day off to take it all in and share some of my own photographs from my trip.

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want to see them for yourselves? Pack plenty of layers and some good hiking shoes. The park isn’t accessible from all entrances and you cannot drive from the north (Mt. Morris dam) entrance all the way to the falls, Be sure to navigate to the Castille entrance (from the west) or the Portageville entrance (from the south or east). You will want to head towards the falls area and be parking in the lot right by the inn and the frozen geyser. With ease you will be able to see the geyser and the frozen middle falls. Lace up some sturdy boots to follow the snow-packed trail that will lead you up to the upper falls (its about a 5-10 minute walk depending on your ability and how far up you would like to go).

The snow and the cold won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, so instead of letting it defeat you, why not make a day trip of it and enjoy the beautiful sights nature has created.

Loree and Christie

There’s so much value in a mother/daughter relationship and for these two, not even a few time zones could affect that value. Loree flew in to see her daughter and enjoy a weekend of girly things. Between their packed weekend of shopping in quaint towns, seeing a fantastic show at Count Basie, and seeing what Christie has been up to recently, we were able to catch up and have a awesome session in Red Bank, and God blessed us by stopping the rain just in time for the shoot to begin.


~Claire and Gerard 2nd Anniversary~ NJ Family Photographer

On Saturday I was able to enjoy photographing a couple more in love then ever. Claire and Gerard have become great friends and it was so wonderful celebrating their second anniversary as their 1st anniversary shoot didn’t seem all that long ago. They have made it through a lot (especially with their first home purchase being a few months ago!) and their love for each other can be an example to anyone! Cheers to 2 years Claire and Gerard! 


Tim and Emily: Engaged

Last weekend I was able to catch up with some old friends in Central Park to celebrate their engagement. Tim proposed to Emily in Central Park on New Year’s Eve and threw her a surprise party to follow (which I shared photographs from already). We met up in the same place to begin a whirlwind Saturday afternoon exploring the Park and taking photographs along the way to document the love these two have together.

Amber and Jordan: Engaged (Piermont, NY)

I met Amber and Jordan separately but around the same time at college. Amber and I shared in Honors Seminar for two years, Jordan and I shared many classes having the same major. Jordan proposed to Amber in Italy (major props on that one) while on a winterim trip with our school and I could not wait to celebrate with them when they returned. It took awhile but as the sun finally began to shine again I met the couple at Piermont Pier and we shared stories, looked forward to the wedding, and captured the love that these two truly have for one another.

Ocean Grove 5 Months after the Storm

Living near the Jersey Shore has really changed my perspective of Hurricane Sandy. If this happened a year ago, I would’ve been sad, but not really experienced the damage. Now that I live in Monmouth County, all it takes is a ten minute drive and I see the destruction. It’s overwhelming. So recently, I have been exploring with my Husband. We recently drove through the highlands area and saw a house that was missing some of it, we then moved on to sea bright where the sand dunes are higher than houses.

On Sunday we went to Ocean Grove, our favorite spot for lunch and an afternoon off, only this time, there was a different feel as we walked on the sand dunes, saw the fishing pier broken, and a boardwalk that no longer existed.


She Said Yes!

It’s rare that my new year’s plans are made two months in advanced, but when Tim messaged a group of Emily’s best girl friends asking us if we’d be around for new year’s for a surprise party for Emily, we quickly deduced that this was an engagement party. We nearly died when Emily announced three days beforehand that she believed she would be getting engaged on new year’s eve. Somehow we convinced her it wasn’t so…the day arrived and she was SURPRISED. She came home giddy to make a bunch of phone calls but we were already present. I loved photographing the night because Emily (and Tim) were BEAMING. It was such an awesome thing to be a part of. Click on the photos to view the larger versions.