Ocean Grove 5 Months after the Storm

Living near the Jersey Shore has really changed my perspective of Hurricane Sandy. If this happened a year ago, I would’ve been sad, but not really experienced the damage. Now that I live in Monmouth County, all it takes is a ten minute drive and I see the destruction. It’s overwhelming. So recently, I have been exploring with my Husband. We recently drove through the highlands area and saw a house that was missing some of it, we then moved on to sea bright where the sand dunes are higher than houses.

On Sunday we went to Ocean Grove, our favorite spot for lunch and an afternoon off, only this time, there was a different feel as we walked on the sand dunes, saw the fishing pier broken, and a boardwalk that no longer existed.

Atlantic Highlands and Sandy Hook, New Jersey

This weekend I was able to take off from work and enjoy a beautiful two days with my husband and family. Sunday could not have been a better day for a fourteen mile bike ride on Sandy Hook and before we met my parents and brother there, Bryon and I went “scenic overlook hopping” as we visited the Twin Lights and Mount Mitchell. I have never see such clear and beautiful skylines of New York City. It was truly a wonderful time spent getting to know my new D7000 while catching up with family. And the sunset to finish the day wasn’t so bad either.

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