Brittany & Justin Maternity Session

When Brittany sent me a text in March asking if I would be in town in late April, I knew something exciting was coming. It’s not that the idea that they just wanted photographs taken while in town wasn’t an option…but truly, it wasn’t an option. The next text message made my heart explode as she shared she wanted to take maternity pictures while visiting her family. I was over the moon to hear their family was growing and was honored to be chosen to document such a major milestone in their life.

What I loved most about this session came down to three things:

  1. The location. I had never visited Casey Park before but it was the Number one location for all of her family’s portrait sessions before. The trails were and water were gorgeous. I will definitely be bringing more sessions here in the future
  2. The jacket. Brittany styled her baby bump with a classic black dress and the same jacket she wore over the wedding dress just last year when she and Justin eloped in Letchworth State Park.
  3. Their love for each other. Sorry if this one is sappy or lame but seriously, this was one of those sessions that flowed and flew by because Justin and Brittany’s love for each other and for their baby was consuming. If their little man, Tanner, had been there too, man, I’m not sure my heart could have handled it.

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